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Welcome to Harvest Jewels, where we believe in celebrating the unique essence of every woman. From the ambitious entrepreneur to the nurturing stay-at-home mom, the dedicated nurse, the aspiring college student, the inspiring teacher, the loving grandmother, the creative artist, the determined lawyer, the courageous policewoman, and the selfless caretaker – each woman plays a distinct role and leaves an irreplaceable impact on the world and those she holds dear.

At Harvest Jewels, we understand that jewelry is more than adornment; it's a statement of empowerment. When a woman wears her Harvest Jewels, we want her to not only look great but to feel her very best. We encourage her to embrace her style, showcase her incredible personality, and step out the door with unwavering confidence as she takes on her unique role in this world.

Our collection, curated and designed by Owner and Designer Rosemary Corte, mirrors the uniqueness of every woman our pieces represent. From timeless classics to trendy pieces, bold statement designs to delicate and dainty options, vibrant and colorful stones to the elegance of silver and gold, and two-tone pieces, spanning a wide variety of price points – our jewelry is a place where every woman can discover a piece that resonates with her own uniqueness.

We recognize that while jewelry is a luxury, the versatility of our pieces allows women to make the most of their investment. Harvest Jewels empowers women to express their style in any setting, using everyday diamonds and natural gemstones that can take her from carpool to cocktail. No matter your lifestyle, our collection is crafted to empower and celebrate you in your every day.

Harvest Jewels envisions a world where women not only love their uniqueness but also celebrate ours. Our mission is clear – we are here to Empower Every Woman with Everyday Diamonds. Grab a glass of your favorite champagne and join us on this journey as we celebrate the strength and individuality of women everywhere.

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shop owner and designer Rosemary Corte's personal collection of Harvest Jewels. you'll find everything from basics for day-to-day to unique statement pieces for your next event.